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Website programming

We build your database application and special tools that can automate recurring work or keeping your website dynamic and up-to-date. We can also specially adapt our content management system (= a so-called CMS) to your requirements.
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E-Commerce & Online Shops
Electronic commerce ("e-commerce") describes the sale and distribution of goods, services and information, as well as the communication to attract customers.
eCommerce has long become an important and independent distribution channel for many companies. The internet is a great opportunity for small and medium businesses because it gives them the chance to operate worldwide. It opens up whole new markets.
The Internet sales channel is suitable for many businesses, whether you are targeting for consumers - Business to Consumer - or companies - Business to Business.
We design, build and set up your online store, and support this initiative with web-marketing.
Convenient handling of data and ease of use are among the indisputable advantages of these applications.